Piranha-Tech is engaged in developing and producing systems for radio electronics, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Piranha-tech team comprises highly professional electronics engineers, programmers, designers, and mechanics. We can provide a full range of services from concept development to prototyping and production. Our engineers' high level of professionalism allows us to perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

Our strong positions are:




Various jamming systems are used in the following areas:

Military forces. Law enforcement agencies

Airports. Critical Infrastructure. Prisons

Personal security

Business security

Unwanted drones or unmanned aerial threats inside the military are a serious security concern. Still, with the help of radar detection, the anti-drone system can efficiently detect the low-flying, small craft that is difficult to detect

Piranha-Tech develops and supplies high-tech and high-quality electronic warfare and control systems for use in various industries, primarily for the defense forces and national security and intelligence agencies. The company specializes in electronic warfare in various industries, the suppression of communications between the military and insurgents, information security, mobile phone monitoring, and other solutions.

The product line includes jamming systems in different configurations depending on various operating scenarios (automobile, portable, fixed systems for buildings or military fortifications), anti-drone solutions, airfields, prisons, Etc.

We have proven ourselves in practice: hundreds of pieces of equipment are already in operation in various countries and specializations.

Drone jammer, Piranha-tech, Пиранья тех, Піранья тех, Anti-drone, Анти дрон ружье
  • Tactical Counter Drone Defense
  • Communication Jamming
  • Bomb Disposal
  • Drone Detection and Protection
  • Drone Detection
  • Drone Jamming
  • Mobile Jamming
Anti-Drone jamming solutions, Piranha-tech, Пиранья тех, Піранья тех, Anti-uav
Anti-drone jamming personal security, Piranha-tech, Пиранья тех, Піранья тех
  • Close Protection
  • Convoy Protection
  • Residential Protection
  • Mass Events
  • Voice Recording Protection
  • Drone Detection and Protection
Anti-drone jamming personal security, Voice jamming, Piranha-Tech, Пиранья тех, Піранья тех

Our Strong Positions

Piranha-Tech for Military forces, Law enforcement agencies, Governments, and other Organizations solve complex technical tasks on a global scale. Our partners contribute much more than just their products. Their ideas, services, in-kind support, and more help us improve our service to our partners.


System description
It can be used with omnidirectional and directional antennas mounted on a rifle base.
We designed it for jamming signals for GPS, WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5.8GHz., Etc

Action distance 2 000 m.

Please contact us for more information, photos, technical details, and orders.
We started working in 2014. Since then, we have learned to work with small and large orders. We consistently monitor the quality of our products. Our products are used in 25 countries around the world.
Alex Ruzhinskiy
Piranha Tech CEO


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